Building Together

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          You may have noticed the sign on the far edge of the library grounds along Newman Avenue. It announces that this parcel will be the future site of the Seekonk Veterans’ Memorial.  I was pleased and honored to be invited to the unveiling of the sign during the Memorial Day Parade.

            Standing there that day, I recalled the controversy over locating the memorial on the library grounds.  And I recalled that despite the acrimony, the library trustees decided to allow construction of the memorial. It was a carefully considered compromise that sought to balance competing desires within our community. It was also an affirmation of a belief that what unites the people of Seekonk is greater than what divides them. I see that decision as a victory for all of Seekonk.

            Our willingness to cooperate and compromise creates the conditions that allow us to work together.  Standing in a park that was once the town dump I could not help but think that great things can happen when we do work together.  Seekonk will build its Veterans’ Memorial. Seekonk will continue to develop the Seekonk Meadows. It will also develop a library facility to meet the needs of this community for the next twenty-five years. All of these projects will enhance the quality of life in Seekonk. These are not incompatible goals and they are attainable if we work together.

            A start date for construction of the Memorial has not been set, but fundraising is actively underway.  If you would like additional information about the Memorial, contact Seth Bai, the Veteran’s Services Officer at Town Hall.  He can put you in touch with the Veterans Memorial Committee. If you are interested in learning more about the Library Facilities Study, please visit their webpage or ask for me the next time you visit the library.

                                                                                    —  Peter Fuller, Director

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