Funds for Library Repairs on Town Meeting Warrant

Your library needs your support at the Financial Town Meeting on Monday, June 10. The Municipal Capital Improvements Committee is recommending that $161,300 be appropriated from the Municipal Capital Stabilization Fund for the repair and renovation of roof drainage at the library. The funding for the library is one of several capital expenditures contained in […]

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012 The Seekonk Public Library has been providing high quality library service from its facility at 410 Newman Avenue for thirty-one years. The needs of Seekonk residents have changed greatly, and the demand for library services has grown steadily in that time. Despite these challenges, the Seekonk Public Library has […]

Trustees Award Application

Application Form The Trustees of the Seekonk Public Library are seeking to honor a graduating senior.  Any interested senior should fill out the following application and return it to the Seekonk High School guidance office by____________(deadline date).   Name________________________________________________________________________   College you plan to attend next year:________________________________________________   Please submit a typed, formal essay that […]

Recipients of the Library Trustees Award

Mary Jo Flanagan 1979 Amanda Parker 1996 Gina Mayo 1980 Rachel Joiner 1997 No Award 1981 Jeffrey Kirchman 1998 Cheryl Grey 1982 Courtney Daigle 1999 Dawn Marshall 1983 Kelley Hayes 2000 Lynn Tomei 1984 Caitlan O’Grady 2001 Lisa Grey 1985 Nicole Menard 2002 Courtney Petters 1986 Lauren Armstrong 2003 Karen Ditson 1987 Melissa Leandro 2004 […]