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Display Space Policy

The Seekonk Public Library has an obligation to inform the people it serves about the resources and programs offered by their library.  Since the display case and other display space in the building presents a unique opportunity to inform the public, these spaces are intended to be used primarily by the library.  Use of the display case as well as other display spaces may be offered to others only when they are not needed by the library.

The Seekonk Library Trust and the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library, which are non-profit organizations that exist to support the library, shall be given preference over all other community organizations when scheduling use of the display space.   When considering applications from other individuals and groups to use library display spaces, the library shall show preference to local, non-profit organizations.

Displays by outside groups must be compatible with the broad mission of the library to inform, educate, and support the improvement of the quality of life in Seekonk.  Displays may not overly promote the private financial or commercial interest of an individual or group.  The library director shall determine if the content of a display complies with the above criteria.

The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the library director to establish appropriate rules and procedures to implement this policy.

People who believe that they have been improperly denied access to the display space may appeal the Director’s decision in accordance with library policy on appealing the denial of services.

Date Approved: 4/16/14