How to Prepare the Kindle Fire for Freading

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How to prepare the KINDLE FIRE for Freading

1. Go to your settings on your Kindle Fire (bicycle gear icon at the top,

Kindle Fire HD ‐ drag your finger from the top of the screen towards

the bottom) and go to More. Then, go to “device”. Turn on the

switch for allowing unknown applications or ‘Download Unknown


2. If you don’t already have one, create a free Adobe ID and password at the Adobe


Create your free account and write down your ID and Password

3. Go to the website

4. Search for the Freading App and Download to your Kindle (check

your Status Bar, which should now have a (1), which means your

download is complete. Click on the number and install the Freading


5. Once the installation is complete, authorize the Freading App on your

Kindle Fire with your Adobe ID and password (created in Step 2) by

tapping the menu button of your device to bring up the Freading app


6. From the menu, select “Account.” And enter your ID and password