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 Share your ideas by taking our survey

We are conducting a survey of town residents to collect some information needed to plan the Seekonk Library of the future. You can take the survey on-line or fill out a paper copy at the library.  It takes just a couple of minutes and your responses will be very helpful to our planning and design team.  Please also encourage your friends and neighbors to take the survey by sending them this link.  We look forward to reading your responses, and thank you in advance for helping us plan.

Committee Members

The members of the Library Facilities Committee are Anne B. Miller (Chairperson), Alyssa Richard (Secretary), Bill Barker, Jackie Proulx, Sonig Doran Schiller, Steve Self & Charles Waddington.


Everyone is welcome to attend the committee meetings. If you wish to address the committee, please contact the chairperson, Anne B. Miller prior to the meeting. Meeting announcements and agendas are posted at the Town Clerk’s Office and here on-line.

Share Your Ideas

The Committee wants to hear from the citizens of Seekonk. Please send us your thoughts on what your library service needs will be in the next twenty years. We are also eager to hear your suggestions on how the library building should change to meet those needs. You can share your ideas with us by using the library’s feedback form, or you can email us directly at  If you would some inspiration when you think about libraries, click here  to see what kind of libraries are being built in other communities in Massachusetts. 

Currently Under Discussion  

The committee has reached the design phase of this long process. The committee will select an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) at its next meeting. The OPM is the technical advisor who assists the committee with the difficult tasks of recruiting and hiring engineering and architectural firms. These professionals will put together the feasibility studies that will determine the best path to fulfilling the needs stated in the Library Building Program. The difficult choices lay ahead for the committee, for example, should the existing building be rehabilitated and expanded, or should the library move to a new location? What are your thoughts? Please  share your comments and suggestions by sending us an email.   

The Voters’ Charge to the Committee

At the Special Town on November 18, 2013, Seekonk voters ” . . . authorized the Town Moderator to appoint a Library Facilities Committee consisting of seven Seekonk residents for the purpose of examining the library facility needs of the Town and developing appropriate designs, schematics, specifications, cost estimates and any other documentation required to construct and furnish such facilities, or to take any other actions related thereto.”  At that same Town Meeting, the voters appropriated $25,000 for this purpose. The voters committed this local funding in anticipation of receiving an additional $50,000 in a Planning and Design Grant from the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). The Town received this grant in March of 2014. The MBLC awards Planning and Design grants to help cities and towns obtain engineering studies, schematic designs, and cost estimates. All of this information will be used to prepare a thorough, well-conceived library improvement plan that local voters may consider for funding. Should the voters decide to move forward with the project, the information from the planning and design study will be used to prepare an application to the MBLC for a Library Construction Grant.  Details on the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program can be be found on the MBLC website.

 Now Available at the Library

Copies of the following documents are available at the library.

Meeting Minutes

     [Minutes of meetings held prior to June 1, 2015 are available at the library.] 

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