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News & Recent Progress 

The library design team will present a first look at drawings of potential library buildings at a public meeting on Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00 PM.

At the April 7, 2016 Seekonk Library Facilities Study Committee [LFSC] meeting, the members voted to request that the Board of Selectmen withdraw the article pertaining to the library building project that was approved as part of the warrant for the Town Meeting on May 16. Key factors that influenced this decision were:

• During the March 29th public meeting, residents “dot voted” on three conceptual designs – two resulted in a tie and a third option was proposed.
• Results of engineering studies on the 410 Newman Avenue site are still outstanding. This information could potentially impact the feasibility of the options under consideration.
• To meet the May 16 Town Meeting date, the committee needed to select a single design concept at the April 7th LFSC meeting. This was required to enable Tappe to proceed with the schematic design under an accelerated schedule (the original date for this deliverable was June, based on the assumption the town meeting would be scheduled in June).
• The LFSC members felt they did not have sufficient information to select one design at this time, and that it was in the best interest of the project and town to withdrawn the warrant articles for the May town meeting. They believed too much good work has occurred over an extended time to rush such important decisions now.

The committee hopes to have the same articles placed on the warrant of the town meeting in the fall. They plan to continue with the May 11th public meeting at which time they will present more developed design concepts. They also plan to provide a brief presentation at the May town meeting to update the town on the progress made to date. The committee therefore requested that the Selectman to withdraw their proposed articles based on the reasons stated above.

Currently Under Discussion 

The committee has narrowed it’s choices to three conceptual approaches in early April.  All of the design options being considered are for an improved facility on the library’s current site at 410 Newman Avenue. On Wednesday, May 11 the design team will present preliminary architectural drawings of buildings that reflect these design concept.  The drawings reflect scenarios for renovating the building and expanding it to a second floor, renovating the building and expanding it towards Seekonk Meadows, and constructing a new library facility within the footprint of the existing building.  These initial architectural drawings will help the town’s Library Facilities Study Committee decide which of these options is the most feasible for future development. The public is encouraged to come to this meeting and comment on the designs. 

Share Your Ideas

The Committee wants to hear from the citizens of Seekonk. You can share your ideas with us by using the library’s feedback form, or you can email us directly at  For some inspiration when you are thinking about our future library, click here  to see what kind of libraries are being built in other communities in Massachusetts. 


Everyone is welcome to attend the committee meetings. If you wish to address the committee, please contact the chairperson, Anne B. Miller prior to the meeting. Meeting announcements and agendas are posted at the Town Clerk’s Office and here on-line.The next regular committee meeting will be on Thursday, May 5 at 6:30 in the Sullivan Room in the library. 

The next public meeting with the library design team will be on Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00 in the Multi-purpose Room in the library. The architects hope to present a schematic design of a library building at this meeting. 

Committee Members

The members of the Library Facilities Committee are Anne B. Miller (Chairperson), Alyssa Richard (Secretary), Bill Barker, Jackie Proulx, Sonig Doran Schiller, Martha Mannoand Dan Tavares

The Voters’ Charge to the Committee

At the Special Town on November 18, 2013, Seekonk voters ” . . . authorized the Town Moderator to appoint a Library Facilities Committee consisting of seven Seekonk residents for the purpose of examining the library facility needs of the Town and developing appropriate designs, schematics, specifications, cost estimates and any other documentation required to construct and furnish such facilities, or to take any other actions related thereto.”  At that same Town Meeting, the voters appropriated $25,000 for this purpose. The voters committed this local funding in anticipation of receiving an additional $50,000 in a Planning and Design Grant from the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). The Town received this grant in March of 2014. The MBLC awards Planning and Design grants to help cities and towns obtain engineering studies, schematic designs, and cost estimates. All of this information will be used to prepare a thorough, well-conceived library improvement plan that local voters may consider for funding. Should the voters decide to move forward with the project, the information from the planning and design study will be used to prepare an application to the MBLC for a Library Construction Grant.  Details on the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program can be be found on the MBLC website.


Library Building Program

Meeting Minutes

     [Minutes of meetings held prior to June 1, 2015 are available at the library.] 

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