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Library Building Project News 

The Town submitted a request for a Public Library Construction Grant to the Massachusetts Board of Library (MBLC) on January 26, 2017. Below are some links to the core application along with other major documents that were included in the grant package.  Because of its large size (341 pages), the entire application package is not available for download. The entire grant application is available for public inspection at the library, however. Please inquire at the Ask! desk to see a copy of the grant.

Thirty-three communities were expected to submit applications in this grant round. Because the state will only be able to fund about a half dozen projects each year, most of the applicants will go on a waiting list. The library projects on the waiting list are ranked by priority and the state will fund these as grant money becomes available.  Grants rounds typically run four to six years before all of the approved projects receive funding. The MBLC will announce in July what projects will be funded immediately. It will also release the ranked list of all the pending projects.

The MBLC will notify theTown of Seekonk when funding is available for its project. The Town will then have six months to get the authorization to raise and spend its share of the cost. The grant application estimates that the total cost of the project will be $15,844,900. The total cost includes $14,919,500 in eligible costs, those which the state will pay a share, and $925,400 in non-eligible costs, which the state will not contribute towards. The state is expected to contribute $7,162,300 or roughly 48% of the eligible cost. The grant application estimates that $650,000 of the project’s funding will come from other sources, primarily through private fundraising. The grant estimates that Town’s share of the cost will be $7,982,500, which is about 55% of the total project cost.

Seekonk_Children's_RoomDocuments Submitted as Part of the Construction Grant Request

Application without Attachments

Library Building Program

Building Cost Estimate

Architect’s Preliminary Review, Current Site

Architect’s Preliminary Review, Pleasant St. Site

Structural Report, Buildings on Both Sites

Civil Engineering Survey, Both Sites

Report on Mechanical Systems, Existing Building

Geo-Technical Report, Current Site

Hazardous Materials Report, Existing Building

Survey of Current Site

LEED Scorecard


Schematic Drawings

Meeting Minutes

[Minutes of the Meetings in 2014 and 2015 are available at the library.] 

Share Your Ideas

The Committee wants to hear from the citizens of Seekonk. You can share your ideas with us by using the library’s feedback form, or you can email us directly at  


Everyone is welcome to attend the committee meetings. If you wish to address the committee, please contact the chairperson, Anne B. Miller prior to the meeting. Meeting announcements and agendas are posted at the Town Clerk’s Office and here on-line

Committee Members

The members of the Library Facilities Committee are Anne B. Miller (Chairperson), Alyssa Richard (Secretary), Bill Barker, Jackie Proulx, Sonig Doran Schiller, Martha Manno, and Dan Tavares

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