Library Is Used By Thousands

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Each August, all of the public libraries in the state submit a report to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). The report titled, the Annual Report Information Survey or ARIS for short, provides a large amount of data on each library’s services. Library staffs spend a lot of time to make sure that their ARIS filings are complete and accurate because it is a requirement to remain eligible for state grant-in-aid money and membership in the statewide network. You can see the aggregated data at the MBLC website, but we wanted to share some of the highlights of fiscal year 2013 with you now. As you can see from the data below, thousands of residents of all ages used the library last year.

 The library lent 282,204 items to Seekonk Library cardholders and other libraries;

– 158,660 were lent from our adult and young adult collections.

– 84,822 items were lent from our children’s collection.

– 38,722 items went to other libraries in the network.

 Library users visited the library over 106,000 times.

 Since January 1, 2013 a total of 5,265 people have used their Seekonk Public Library card;

 – Over 90% of these are Seekonk residents.

– 323 are Massachusetts residents who do not live in Seekonk.

– 174 are out-of-state residents, who either paid $65 to obtain a card or who work for our town.

 The library produced 373 programs with a total attendance of 9,470;

– 7,405 were attendees at programs for Children and Families.

 Library users asked 13,734 reference questions.

 The public used library computers approximately 13,000 times.

 The library received 2,415 hours of volunteer service.

It is pleasure for us to serve a community like Seekonk whose people value library service. We appreciate the support that you have shown us and the library staff this past year. Please let us know how the library can serve you better in the future.  You can email your comments, questions and suggestions to us at or Library Director Peter Fuller at


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