Library Releases Long-range Plan

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As of July 1, the Seekonk Public Library will be operating under the guidance of a new long-range plan. The plan is the result of a year-long effort by the Board of Library Trustees, the library staff and the Strategic Planning Committee.  The new long-range plan details how the library will address the growing and changing demand for library services through June 30, 2017. The plan establishes goals for how the library will provide services, use technology, reach out to the community, and develop its resources.  The plan also contains a series of strategic objectives that will be met to attain each of these goals.  Follow this link to read the entire planWe would greatly appreciate receiving your thoughts and questions about the long-range plan. Just click on the Feedback tab on the left-hand side of the screen to leave a message. 

The completion of the long-range plan is a significant accomplishment for the library.  A well thought out, long-range plan that is created with input from the community, is essential to the success of the library.  The long-range plan will guide both the future development of the library and its day-to-day operations.  Every significant decision made at the library in the next four years will be related to strategic objectives in the plan. All of the activities and services that occur at the library will be expected to move the library toward achievement of specific outcomes or levels of output cited in the plan. How well the library serves you in the coming years will depend on how well we use this important tool.  

The vision of what constitutes a successful public library is unique to each community. The vision must be the product of collaboration between those being served and those providing the service.   For this long-range planning process, the library recruited a committee to represent the broad spectrum of town residents as well as key constituent groups among library users.   Members of the committee were Mia Alwen, Guy Boulay, Ann Caldwell, Michael Durkay, Mark Holme, Edith Krekorian, Zachary Medeiros, Christina McKenrick, Paul Palange, Beverly Rathbun, Jennifer St. Michel, David Turkalo, and Susan Tusino.  The committee provided invaluable help with identifying the needs and priorities of our community. This input has already started to shape the library services that the people of Seekonk are receiving. The participation of these public-spirited individuals was greatly appreciated.


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