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Team Members

Listed below are the email addresses and/or the phone extensions for your library’s staff.
Feel free to call or email us! (508) 336-8230


Peter Fuller, Library Director, ext. 5101
Sharon Fredette, Associate Library Director, ext. 5131
Maureen Mecketsy, Library Administrative Associate, ext. 5100
Pamela Hastings, Cataloger and Acquisitions Associate, ext. 5111
Saadia Miles, Technical Services Associate, ext 5111
Michelle Gario, Senior Librarian – Adult Services, ext. 5132
Ben Phinney, Staff Librarian – Adult Services, ext. 5131
Mary Ellen Siniak, Senior Librarian – Youth Services, ext 5140
Sharon Clarke, Staff Librarian – Youth Services, ext. 5140
Marjorie Bradley, Customer Services and Inventory Control, ext. 5124
Jeannine Vignali,  ext. 5121
Pammie Greggerson, ext. 5121
Carol Ezovski, ext. 5121
Maria Holme,  ext. 5121
Pauline Panarello,  ext. 5121
Carolyn Kach, ext. 5121
Andy Northrup, ext. 5130
Stephanie Clarke, Junior Associate
Renee Eghian, Page
Phil Fortin, Page