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Seekonk Library Trust

 St.Hilaire Public Service Award Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions About the Library Trust

What is the Seekonk Library Trust?

The Seekonk Library Trust was established in 1987 to accept, hold and manage donations and bequests to the Seekonk Public Library in support of the library’s long term needs.

What does the Trust do with the funds it receives?

The goal of the Seekonk Library Trust is to develop the financial resources needed  by the library to expand services and  introduce  new services. Library Trust funds supplement and not supplant the money appropriated to the library by the Town of Seekonk. The Library Trust  primarily invests in the capital resources  that serve as the foundation on which the library builds these services. Library Trust funds supplement and not supplant the money appropriated to the library by the Town of Seekonk.   In 2014, the library used money from the Library Trust to build the Innovation Center. This highly popular and successful program would not have been possible without the support of the Library Trust.

Over 90% of Library Trust expenditures have gone directly to library programs!

Who oversees the Trust?

The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members, five of whom are appointed by the Board of Library Trustees, one by the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library and one by the Town Moderator.

Who are the current trustees?

  • Lisa Spencer, Chairperson
  • Edward Galvin, CPA, Treasurer
  • Mari Ann Oliveira
  • Ana Saul-Sykes
  • Linda Karewa
  • Larry Havrylik
  • Moe Messier

Are Contributions to the Trust deductible?

Contributions to the trust are tax deductible. The Trust is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3) organization. Copies of the Annual Financial Report and the federal tax filings of the Library Trust are available for inspection at the library.

Can donations or bequests be made for a specific reason?

Yes, donations or bequests can be made for specific purposes, for example,  your gift can be directed to furnishing, building renovation or the maintenance of the Seekonk Meadows. One particularly satisfying way to give is to make a donation or bequest in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one who was or is an avid reader or frequent user of the Library.

How can I include Seekonk Library Trust in my will?

Your will can bequeath a stated sum or percentage of your estate by specifically mentioning the Seekonk Library trust. For instance, your will could state ”I hereby bequeath ten percent (10%) of the residue of my estate to the Seekonk Library Trust located in Seekonk, Massachusetts, for its general uses and purposes.”

Where can I get more information about the Trust?

For information concerning establishing bequests or making gifts, please call Peter Fuller, Library Director at (508)336-8230, ext. 5101 or  Peter will be happy to speak with you and have one of the trustees contact you.

 Sharon St.Hilaire Public Service Award

The Seekonk Library Trust created the award as a way to recognize long and distinguished service to the Town of Seekonk by a public employee or community volunteer. The award is named for its first recipient, Sharon St. Hilaire, who served as Director of the Seekonk Public Library for thirty-four years. In addition to her library service, Ms. St. Hilaire played a prominent role in the development of the Seekonk Meadows, a recreation area that was created on the site of a closed landfill. Ms. St. Hilaire accepted the first award in August 2011.


In the spring of each year, the Library Trust seeks nominees for the St. Hilaire Award. The public is invited to nominate individuals who have a long and exemplary record of service to the people of Seekonk as either a volunteer or public employee. You may download a  nomination form or obtain one by calling the library at (508)336-8230, ext. 5100.

Recipients of the St. Hilaire Award

  • Janet Parker, 2012
  • Robert McKenna, 2013
  • Donna Euell, 2014
  • Colleen O’Halloren, 2015