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Message to Business Applicants


Date:  September 26, 2013   [Originally posted, March 26, 2012]

To:  All Business Applicants

From:  Peter Fuller, Library Director

Subject:   Business Applications to Use the Meeting Room


I will be reviewing your company’s request to use the library meeting room before passing it along to the Board of Library Trustees for their consideration.  You should be aware of the following conditions imposed on businesses that wish to use the library’s meeting rooms.

In order for your company to use the library meeting room at no charge, your program must be strictly educational.  Although I am sure that your business has a legitimate desire to inform the public, it is not unreasonable to assume that it is also motivated by a desire to increase business. It is our experience that despite a company’s best intentions, elements of self-promotion invariably enter such presentations.  This makes presentations by businesses inconsistent with the objectives of the library. Therefore, the library does not generally consider requests from businesses to use the meeting room for free.

We have traditionally defined educational programs as those that (1) support the mission of the library as expressed in its long-range plan, and (2) provide information in the same manner as the library itself. Specifically, we expect the presentation of accurate and verifiable information in a balanced manner that doesn’t promote a particular product, service or methodology. It has been our experience that presenters from commercial enterprises have difficulty meeting this high standard. Since the library has neither the desire nor resources to control or monitor the content of programs offered by outside groups, the library generally declines such requests.  We are willing, however, to consider any information that you may offer supporting your ability to meet our criteria.

Please note that the library does allow businesses to use its meeting room for a fee of $250 per use.  Please contact me if your business is interested in using the library meeting room under these conditions.