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Message to Business Applicants

Date:        March 11, 2015
To:            All Business Applicants
From:       Peter Fuller, Library Director
Subject:    Business Applications to Use the Meeting Room

I will be reviewing your request to use the library meeting room before making a recommendation to the Board of Library Trustees. To receive permission to use the meeting room free of charge, all organizations must establish that their intended use is consistent with the mission of the library. Our assumption is that your application reflects a legitimate desire to provide accurate and useful information to the public. It is also reasonable to assume that your planned presentation is motivated by a desire to increase business. Here is some additional guidance for business people and practicing professionals seeking to use the meeting room. Please keep the following criteria in mind when preparing your application and presentation.

Your program must be strictly educational. We define educational programs as those that (1) support the goals of the library as expressed in its long-range plan and (2) present information that adheres to library standards. Specifically, the library expects you to present information that is accurate and verifiable. Your presentation should be balanced, unbiased, and should not promote specific products or services that you offer. You should limit your recommendations to products widely available in the marketplace and to services that conform to generally accepted practices and standards whenever possible. You should supply information that supports your ability to meet the above standards as part of your application.
You may not claim or imply that the library endorses your presentation. You may not claim or imply that the library has verified any of the information presented, supports your opinions and conclusions, or endorses any recommendations made during your presentation. You may not use the library’s logo or images of the Seekonk Public Library in any invitations or promotional materials associated with your presentation. The library reserves the right to require a formal disclaimer to that affect.
Our experience has been that elements of self-promotion often enter into presentations made by business people. We regard such promotions as an improper use of this public resource for individual gain and not consistent with the mission of the library. You may not promote your business or your services before, during or after your presentation. You may not schedule appointments or consultations in the library. You may distribute contact information at the conclusion of the presentation, however.