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S&P Netadvantage

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage provides quality investment tools and professional independent analysis including:

  • Equities: Standard & Poor’s STARS, Fair Value, and other proprietary equity rankings are available on NetAdvantage along with detailed company data.
  • Funds:   NetAdvantage includes S&P’s Fund Reports on over 21,000 mutual funds and ETFs. Our fund ranking methodology includes peer performance comparisons and evaluations of the underlying assets using proprietary measures such as S&P’s STARS rankings.
  • Credit Ratings:   Designated by the SEC as a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization, S&P’s issuer rating can be found on a company’s “Estimates & Opinions” screen in NetAdvantage.
  • S&P Outlook: The oldest continuously published market newsletter, the Outlook, can be found on NetAdvantage, with an archive of past issues back to 1996.
  • Investment Insights: The NetAdvantage Home Page features news and ideas on investing.
  • Financial Education:  Tutorials and articles on NetAdvantage covering personal financial literacy topics such as taxes, retirement, and financial planning.


Login to S&P NetAdvantage today!

Note:  A Seekonk Library card is required to access this service from outside the library.

In the library

Click S&P NetadvantageNo login required

Outside the library

  1. Click S&P NetAdvantage to begin
  2. For Username, enter “Seekonk”
  3. For Password, enter your Seekonk Library card number