Arrrr! Pirates in the Library!

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skull-307778_1280Do  you know your “avast” from your “aye-aye?” Aye! Would you rather be carousin’ than haulin’ wind? Aye! Are ye a lily-livered landlubber?  Nay!  You’re just the kind of fine swashbuckler we’re looking for.  Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19th.  To prepare, the library is having fun by entering a pirate-themed contest sponsored by Mango Languages.  Libraries and patrons from all over are making videos to celebrate their libraries.  The winning library and patron win new iPads!

Want to join in on the fun but aren’t sure what to do?

First, check out the official rules.
Next, create an account and brush up on your pirate-speak by taking the free course on Mango!
Finally, join us on Saturday, September 10th from 10 am -2 pm.  All you need to bring is yourself, your sense of humor and a willingness to make cheesy movies.  (Optional: pirate costumes, monkeys, parrots…) We’ll set the scene, shoot it and show you how to enter it in the contest.

So come on down, ye scurvy scalawags!

Questions? Email Adult Services Librarian Amy Greil –

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