Please Vote to Postpone Parking Article

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The Board of Library Trustees requests that you vote to postpone consideration of Article 4, which is on the warrant for the Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, February 25. This article seeks to have the Town appropriate $90,000 to develop parking behind the library. This parking is intended to accommodate unusually large crowds at events at the library and on the Seekonk Meadows.  Additional parking is needed for these events, but there is currently adequate parking for the four or five occasions when it may be needed.  We anticipate that this parking will be available for the foreseeable future, and that there is no immediate need to develop more parking.

 The Trustees feel that Article 4 is an expensive solution to a problem that has not been fully studied. The parking needs of the library will be examined by the Library Facilities Study Committee as part of its assessment of the library’s building needs. This committee, which Town Meeting authorized last November, has just started its work. The Trustees recommend that this committee be allowed to comprehensively study the parking issue and related needs before the town makes this large investment of capital funds.

 The Trustees believe that there is time to examine alternative solutions without adversely affecting the operation of the library or impeding progress on the construction of the proposed Veterans Memorial. In a four to one vote, the Board of Selectmen decided to recommend that consideration of this article be postponed indefinitely.  The Board of Library Trustees fully supports this recommendation, and asks you to do the same the night of the Special Town Meeting. Please vote to postpone consideration of Article 4.

The Trustees thank you for considering their request, and as always, they encourage you to share your ideas and concerns by emailing them at

 – Peter Fuller,  Library Director

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