Recent Changes in the Library

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The committee of citizens that drafted the Library’s Long-range Plan for Fiscal Years 2014 to 2017 identified several pressing needs. These include:

      *  more quiet study space,

      *  a space where people can work collaboratively,                              

      * a technology center with current computer hardware, software and other peripherals,

      * shelving for books and other materials so they are more accessible,

      * more shelving for the library’s media collection.

The library is attempting to address these needs within the limits of its available space. This effort has forced us to make some difficult choices, for example, the library had to reduce the number of tables and chairs in the public areas.  Some collections such as the paperbacks had to be drastically reduced in size. Other collections such as the town and state documents had to be moved into storage. We recognized that these changes will at best mitigate but not solve these problems. We hope that the net effect of all these changes will be to provide more and better service.

We also apologize for the noise and disruption, and we appreciate your patient understanding while the work is being done.  The target completion date for the project is December 31. Upon completion, we will be hosting an open house for the new technology center.

We thank the Seekonk Library Trusand all those who have generously contributed to it for providing the funds needed to make these library improvements. The Library Trust is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that exists to support the library.  Please contact Peter Fuller, the library’s director at (508) 338-8230 ext. 5101 if you would like to learn more about the Library Trust.  

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