Seekonk Celebrates: Read!

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1. What is a community read?

Since 1998, hundreds of communities across the U.S. have embraced the idea of community reads as a tool for civic unity and discussion through a common literary experience. We thought this would be a wonderful way to celebrate 200 years of Seekonk town history and the wonderful people in our community.

Reading the book is only the beginning! We have planned a month long series of events based on the themes in the novel.

2. Why Empire Falls?

We felt that Empire Falls epitomizes life in a small New England town. As we celebrate our 200th town anniversary, this novel lends itself to discussion about the history of our town and its future. While anyone who enjoys a wonderful story can enjoy Empire Falls, Richard Russo writes for New Englanders in ways that few other authors have. Whether he is giving directions by “what used to be there” or describing the beautiful autumnal qualities that make up our region, there is a true passion for New England life that only a New Englander can understand and appreciate. This quality is what made it the perfect choice for our anniversary event and this first community read.

3. Do I have to read the book to participate in the events?

You do not have to read the novel to participate in these events. If you would like to know the story, but do not have the time to read the novel, we are showing the HBO miniseries of the novel on Saturday, October 13th beginning at 11 am.

4. My question is not answered here.

If you have other questions or comments about this program, feel free to call us at (508) 336-8230 ext. 130. You can also email Melissa at and she will be happy to answer all inquiries.

We would like to thank The Friends of the Seekonk Public Library for making this program possible with their generous sponsorship of Seekonk Celebrates: Read!

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