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Teacher Services

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We at Seekonk Library would like to provide the best possible service as part of Seekonk’s educational program. We believe teaching students how to use the library puts them on the path to life-long learning. We are happy when school assignments bring students into the library. We would like to work with teachers to assure that students will be successful in finding the resources they need.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to call us at (508) 336-8230 ext. 5140.


Sharon Clarke, Staff Librarian – Youth Services

Katie Corrigan, Staff Librarian – Youth Services



When you want to give an assignment for which a whole class must use a limited number of books, we can put these books in a “research” category. We temporarily reclassify these books as non-circulating, and shelve them together in a display area. Students may use these books in the library, but may not check them out, so that all students get a chance to use all the materials. For example, we put books on science experiments in “research” when students are choosing projects to work on.

To use this service, simply e-mail or telephone us to let us know the topic before giving students the assignment. Or you can fax us the information by filling out our Assignment Alert form. Click here to download the form.


Reading Lists

When you want students to read books from a selected list, we can help them find what they need. We can purchase books on the list and borrow books on interlibrary loan, so we will have enough copies to accommodate all students.

Please send us a copy of your reading list as far in advance as possible for this service.


Limited Circulation

When you would like students to be able to borrow books and many are working on the same topic, we can reclassify books for a shorter loan period. For instance, for Black History month in February, we mark our children’s biographies of black Americans to circulate for 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks. This gives every child a chance to read a biography by the assignment due-date. You may e-mail, telephone, or fax the assignment to us and request this service.


Library Tours

The best way for students to learn what is available at the library is to see for themselves! We offer class tours of the library in which we demonstrate our resources, many of which are new and exciting. Besides the library’s electronic book catalog, we have Internet access, electronic magazine indexes, encyclopedias, and other reference sources, and over a dozen different computer software products. We can work with you in designing a tour suited to your class’s age level and any research focus you may have in mind. For this service, please call the Children’s Department at least two weeks in advance to schedule a tour.


Videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs and Other Non-Print Resources

The library has a large collection of educational and recreational CD-ROMs for children, which could enrich classroom presentations. You may want to round out a lesson plan with a video presentation to “bring to life” the topic of study. We have both fiction and nonfiction videos in the library collection, and we can borrow from the video collections in our local library network, SAILS.

Call the Reference Desk to request CD-ROMs, sound recordings, DVDs, or videotapes on any topic.


Teacher Borrowing Cards

Each teacher in the Seekonk school system is entitled to a “teacher” card for borrowing books and other library materials. You may use this card to borrow materials for use in school, rather than using your own personal library card.


General Services

Seekonk Public Library provides active circulating book collections for adults, young adults, and children in both fiction and nonfiction. Seekonk’s reference collections contain up-to-date resources in government, education, science, medicine, business, fine arts, literature, history, and biography. Seekonk offers over 200 magazines and newspapers.

In addition to our online catalog we offer additional computer stations to make available online magazine indexes, encyclopedias and other reference sources; word processing and educational computer software; computer games; and access to the Internet. Reference staff are available at all times the library is open to answer questions, assist in finding materials, and offer instruction in using resources.