Thanks for your support

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I want to thank the voters who attended Town Meeting on June 10th, and especially those of you who responded to my call for support. The voters approved a town budget that included a 2.4% increase in the library budget for fiscal year 2014. Voters also approved a warrant article that included funds to fix leaks and other drainage issues at the library. Once again the people of Seekonk have expressed their desire to have quality public library service.  We at the library pledge to work to the best of our ability to provide you with the best value for every tax dollar invested.

I wish to also thank the citizens who spend hours reviewing budgets, studying the needs of the community, and deliberating over difficult choices.  These dedicated individuals serve on elected boards such as the Board of Library Trustees and Board of Selectmen as well as appointed committees such as the Finance Committee and Capital Improvements Committee. They represent you and help keep us accountable to you.  Job well done!

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