The Dark by Lemony Snicket — A Review!

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When I was young I wasn’t really afraid of the dark.  I was more afraid of the snakes my brothers kept in the basement.  Well, in this picture book story young Laszlo was afraid of the dark that lived in the basement.  Laszlo knew the dark lived in other places like corners and hidden places in his house, but the basement was really scary to him.
Simple, but nice, illustrations depict dark and light as characters, in a way. At one point Laszlo picks up his flashlight and follows the dark downstairs into the basement.  What he discovers is that he needn’t be afraid of the dark.  This dark turned out to be good.
Snicket has a great way of luring you into his stories and this one is no different.  He creates a mood that draws you in and then, you see the light!
Great author, great book, great story!
Hope you enjoy it…Mary Ellen

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